I have to admit, I don’t overly enjoy doing these spending reports – it’s after the fact, the money is already gone, and there’s nothing I can do to get it back. I can try harder next month, but with Christmas looming, I doubt the spending is going to anywhere but up. I made it a goal to keep Christmas spending down, but overall spending seems to go up around that time too, so it’s something I’m really paying attention to this year – and I’ll see if I can make any progress next year.

Budget Recap



This one went up this month as I increased our payments on our mortgage: the more I stare at it and the longer I see it in my net worth calculations the more I hate it, haha. I’m hoping to make a lump-sum payment on it in 2019 to bring it down a few notches.

Health & Benefits

This one will be on the rise as my money scraping is dwindling – I just can’t come up with the extra energy to put more $$ towards this. Thankfully I am seeing results with my current practitioners, so that’s good.

Personal Care

This is proving to be a tricky one – I’m coming to terms with how much is expended every months in this category. Maybe I’ll get it down one day – today is just not that day.

Pets & Monthly Bills

The pets cost us a whopping $0 this month! Hurrah! They both seem to be in better health, so that helps a lot. Their checkups are in January, so hopefully that’ll go over well. No change in the monthly bills – which I think is good considering it’s getting cold and our energy bill will be going up soon.


We took an impromptu extra-long weekend stay in the mountains, which was really nice. Time and money well spent for sure.


Transportation was up because of our driving in the mountains, and gas prices have been pretty high lately.


Food jumped quite a bit from August – looks like there was quite a bit of eating out and ordering in! I’m trying to get us to eat at home more, and prepare meals more, in order to get this down. Actually enjoying cooking, and eating what we cook, will go a long way. I just have to figure out how to make that happen…

And I also bought a ridiculous amount of tea. So that happened.

Potential Savings: $300

Spending (Other)


Well, this one is just always high, lol. We did end up buying cross country ski equipment as we tried renting a few times last year and really enjoyed the sport. On the plus side I’m finding more affordable options for date nights and entertainment, so that’s nice.

Potential savings: $430

Overall Potential Savings

Total potential savings: $730

As the pre-cursor to Christmas looms, and Thanksgiving was lovingly enjoyed out in the mountains, I’m hoping we can keep our spending down but it’s harder than it seems, especially this time of the year – it seems like money just goes out the door without any effort! I think January and February will be better as everyone buckles down and tightens their belt. So far we haven’t run into any trouble: we haven’t taken on any debts, we’ve been able to pay all our bills and meet our savings goals, even if we’re spending a bit more than I’d like.

While I may not enjoy doing these spending reports, I am learning a lot about ourselves – what we’ve spending and where, and why! It’s definitely giving us some good, healthy food for thought.