So it, uh, looks like I haven’t done a spending update in a few months, so here we go!

Budget Recap – September 2018


Looks like we spent about $5000 more in September, which is a bit of a bummer: looks like we spent more on food, personal care, and the health & benefits are creeping up there (physiotherapy can be expensive).


I want to save my money but also live my life. I keep telling myself this is an area I can cut down to zero – but I think I need to be more realistic with my goals.

Potential Savings: $0

Personal Care

While I legit HATE going to the salon – or anything remotely close to it – there are some times when it is necessary to get a few things look after in order to not feel like a complete caveman. This jump only happens a few times a year, so we’ll see how the rest of the year shapes up.

Potential Savings: $50-$80

Pets & Monthly Bills

This was ENTIRELY for food, which should last a few months. I appreciate that my dogs are willing to eat the same thing day after day.

Potential Savings: $0


There was quite a bit of paid-for parking this month (almost $50 worth) as my husband is investigating a CPAP machine for sleep apnea and severe allergies. His dentist (of all people) discovered that the tissues inside his nose are swollen – and I’m taking that pretty seriously.

Potential savings: $50


Food spending was up again this month, mostly due to big supplement purchases (I tend to wait for sales and buy a bunch at once) which was $175ish; coffees out at $60, lunches at $70, and alcohol at $84 really jumped the food budget this month.

Potential Savings: $200 (it was down so nicely from last month, I’m just going to revel in it for now)

Spending (Other)

The area I may struggle the most in with regards to keeping our spending down:


Well, this month there’s that $200 to be reimbursed from work, and the “office supplies” is exclusively our Microsoft 365 subscription. I miss the days when you could just buy and own software… It still amazes me out quickly this area just wracks up the spending.

Potential savings: I’ll be more conservative this time around and say $200

Health & Benefits

I’m running out of areas to scrounge to cover this off, but overall the spending has gone down to only $200 (not including what I’m covering).

Overall Potential Savings

Didn’t manage to reduce our spending at all this month – if anything, our spending went up, which is a bummer. Oh well – better luck in October before the holiday rush sets in 🙂

Total potential savings: $500-ish