I won’t be tracking my net worth too often, as I think that’ll make me crazy, but twice a year seems like a solid number. So, without further ado, time for the bi-yearly update!


Cash: $3000 (temporary savings)
RRSPs: $77,000
TFSAs: $32,000
Pension Plan: $19,000
Real Estate: $367,000 (primary residence)
Vehicles: nul
Other: $8,000
Total Assets: ~$506,000


Mortgage Debt: ($273,000)
Other debts: $0 (yeayyyyy)
Total Debts: ($273,000)

Net Worth

Total Net Worth:
$506,000 – $273,000
= ~$233,000

Not a bad net worth for a Millenial Spoonie, eh? The trouble with this list is it doesn’t show all the different investment accounts we have – and there’s no less than 10 of them! I didn’t want to break them all out because I felt that was too cumbersome. While I’m going to reduce the number of accounts we have, I’m only really able to eliminate 2 of them unfortunately: it’s on my “financial to-do list” for 2018, which will probably be resolved in December, when I make most of my financial overhauls.

One thing you may notice is that, aside from our mortgage, we don’t have any other liabilities. I don’t like debt – I know lots of people who borrow money to invest, and maybe I’ll do that one day, but I’m not there yet. And I REALLY don’t want to borrow money to purchase depreciating assets – unless I absolutely have to (spoiler alert: right now I don’t have to).

Net worth increase from the last 6 months

I’m pleased to say that, since my worth update 6 months ago, our net worth is up by ~15%!! I think a double-digit net worth increase is pretty darn exciting: the majority of this increase has been through a solid amount of saving, as our property value continues to decline, and we continue to feel some volatility in the market *sigh*

I anticipate we will end the year with a net worth of ~$250,000 – I’m excited to see if it happens 😉